Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Blast From The Past!

As a new regular feature I'm going to start posting some of my older work that I've got stashed away on my PC. Hopefully you'll enjoy a look back into my creative past.

I made this on the 3rd year of my degree in Graphic Design, Illustration and Digital media.
 I'd just finished a project in which I'd written and illustrated my own childrens book called The Attack Of The Killer Tomato. Later I realised it was very similar the name a cheesy horror movie from the 70s Although my book is nothing like the film. These were part of a project following on from that where I designed and made some merchandise for my book.

This is a kids t-shirt I made by appliquéing felt to the front. If your curious felt does survive the washing machine at 40°C but I'd recomend using 30°C.

 This is a calico bag I made then applied images from the book onto it using t-shirt transfer paper.

Here is a pencil case with a stationary set that I made. The case is made from red leatherette for the front and green fur for the back. Its lined using calico and I appliquéd felt to the front to create the face. 

The tomato was by far the most difficult thing I made. It's made from the same materials I used for the pencil case. It's lined in the green fur and I quilted the back panel and straps for added comfort.

The lovely green furry lining
I went all out with this project it has to have been my favorte project from uni and I hope you enjoyed having a look at it.

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